NEO Money
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We are NEO Money


To enable financial freedom & life goals through innovative financial services and be your personal financial coach.


NEO Money believes that financial freedom is not just for the privileged ones. Everyone can achieve financial freedom when you no longer work just for money. You have a sound financial plan to afford your intended lifestyle and life goals. You are liberated to do what you truly believe in, toward achieving your true life purpose. We are here to help as your personal financial coach, guiding you along this important journey.


NEO Money has a simple framework to guide you toward your financial goals. Just like health, you must be financially fit, as measured by

    1. Monthly cash flow
    2. Credit score
    3. Wealth

To build your fitness, we guide you through seven financial pillars and provide you with simple to understand, essential financial knowledge.


Punnamas Vichitkulwongsa
(CEO and Founder)